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Below are some short excerpts from selected chapters. On-screen reading is not the same as the printed page so the excerpts have been kept fairly short, to convey just a flavour of the full chapters.

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The Many Names of Arum

Arum has more common names than any other UK plant. Read them all here.
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Arum and Healing

Read how Arum is a powerful abortifant, keeps away snakes and why it has fallen into disuse.
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Edible Arum

Arum can be eaten - but only after very careful and lengthy preparation. It was made into flour during the Irish potato famine and has even been turned into shortbread by modern day wild food enthusiasts.
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Arum and Fashion

Arum was the foundation of Elizabethan fashion and style. The supporter of ruffs and the bane of laundry maids.
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Sex & Death

The Arum in Folklore and myth. Its reputation as an aphrodisiac, protector from snakes, and more.